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Alcoa Siding Review

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Every home owner takes pride in how their home looks when they are new and
after some time has passed. To help protect our homes from the elements there
are different types of siding that can be used. These sidings can include wood,
fiber cement, steel, masonite, aluminum and vinyl siding. One of the newer
siding materials that has been introduced is that of Alcoa siding.

Alcoa siding was first made by the Alcoa Home Exteriors company. This siding is
durable due to its construction to resist heat, high winds, various weather
condition changes and it is also maintenance and worry free. Unlike the other
sidings Alcoa siding is made from a special compound that is combined with
Styrofoam insulation.

This factor alone can make a day and night difference in homes today. So, when
looking for home siding there are many factors that you want to take into
consideration before you purchase.

As a result of this bonding process the Alcoa siding can provide the entire home
with a solid insulation. You can even place this siding over wood panels. This is
very useful as the wood has the propensity to lose heat. Since this siding has
been combined with Styrofoam insulation the product will increase the resistance
to heat release a house by about twenty-five percent.

While the Alcoa siding is a good product to use for home insulation protection it
has other great features that home owners will appreciate. These advantages
can be seen as the Alcoa siding has the ability to cut down external noise and
wind sounds by 50%.

Now, depending on where you live in the country, this factor alone is one that is
appealing to many. This noise reduction is also due to the sidings construction.

This allows you to relax in your home without having to try and hear what is
happening in your home because the diverse outside sounds are proving to be
bothersome. The other reward that you can see with Alcoa siding is that you will
have a home that seems to have a wooden exterior look.

This wood siding look can easily be achieved by the different types of Alcoa
siding. One of the best types of wood siding that Alcoa siding can copy is that of
cedarwood siding. Since this type of siding is less expensive than real wood this
siding is an attractive option for homeowners who want a cedar wood wood look
to their home without the high maintenance costs.

Alcoa siding is also a good material to be used in places where there is a strong
wind factor. As this type of siding is designed to hold out wind speeds that are
160mph. Now, just image if you live in an area with high winds, say like Oregon,
being able to not hear as much of the wind noise. In addition to these facts there
are dissimilar varieties of Alcoa siding that you can buy.

These varieties include quest 3 Alcoa siding, carved wood Series 2 and you will
also find silhouette classic. Inside these different forms of Alcoa siding you are
sure to find the type of siding that will make your home look attractive and
protect it from nature's elements. Let's face it, we all want siding that not only
looks attractive, but can provide noise reduction and heat loss reduction.
Alcoa Siding Review