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Budget Tracker Construction Software will allow you to create and follow a well defined budget tracking system from the beginning
to the end of each project. The ability to enter preliminary material and labor estimates for each task in the construction process is the
first step in creating a feasible budget. As a builder progresses and starts hiring subs, these estimates become real values and give a better
feel for the total cost of the project. With Budget Tracker Construction Software you just have to enter the values and the software will
perform all the math to give a true picture of the total cost of the project. The Construction Software will show the total estimated cost
of material and labor, the total actual cost of material and labor, the profit and lost between the estimated and actual costs, the value of
the percentage that is complete, and the total unit cost. Having these values in front of you every day will create a feeling of security in
knowing that the projects budget is being tracked.
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