Construction Terminology

Construction Terms

A pictorial depiction of land and the improvements on it. Shows boundary lines (with measurements and bearings),
buildings, sheds, easements, etc.

A professional who is trained to map out land and improvements to land accurately

Sales Contract
Also known as "Agreement of Purchase and Sale" or "Purchase Agreement:. The contract that sets out the terms and
conditions agreed to by the purchaser and the vendor in the sale of land.

Septic Permit
Permit given by the health department that gives an individual permission to install a septic tank. This permit will provide the
dimensions and restrictions that must be followed during the installation.

The amount of space local zoning regulations require between a lot line and a building line.

Spec Home
A house built before it is sold. The builder speculates that he can sell it at a profit.

Stop Work Order
A formal, written notification to a contractor to discontinue some or all work on a project for reasons such as safety
violations, defective materials or workmanship, or cancellation of the contract

A subcontractor is an individual or company that works for a general contractor. This individual or company is usually
licensed and bonded for the trade that is provided.

Placing the right of one person behind those of another.
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