Electrical Layout Residential

Electrical Layout

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Electrical Layout Residential
Electrical Layout Residential
Electrical Plan
Electrical Layout Residential
Electrical Plan
The House Blueprint Term Electrical
is a detailed drawing of all outlets,
lights, and
switches in a house. The house
plans will show the location of the outside
service, inside panel, and any disconnects.
Three way switches will be noted on the
House Plans along with any switched
receptacles. The location of all lights will be
shown on the house plans and it should
note if there will be any specialty switching
such as dimmers. The overall new house
plans should give a complete view of
Two Gang Box
Two gang
box is an electrical House
Blueprint term that refers to an electrical
box that will hold two switches or
A breaker is a electrical device used to
protect electrical circuits from overload.
Breakers are rated in the maximum
amperage (20 amp) they will allow to
pass. If  the current exceeds the rating of
the breaker, it will trip the breaker. In
order to turn the circuit back on, the
breaker will have to be reset.
House Blueprint GFCI
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter This
receptacle device is used as an added
safety feature to help prevent electrical
shock. The device will sense a shorted
circuit condition and interrupt the circuit
by tripping the breaker. The breaker can
be a part of the receptacle or be installed
as a breaker in the house electrical
panel. All GFCI breakers have a test
button to test the device. When the
button is pressed the breaker should trip
and pop out.
House Blueprint Ground
Ground is an electrical term that refers to
the ground side of an electrical circuit.
House Blueprint Electrical Panel
House Plan Term Electrical panel is a
metal enclosure use to distribute
electrical power. There are outside
electrical panels which contain mainly
220 volt circuits such as mains, stove,
and furnaces. There are inside
distribution panels which distribute 120
volt circuits throughout the house. Inside
these panels, there should be labels that
show each circuit.
House Blueprint Circuit        
Circuit refers to individual wires that
make up electrical paths for current in a
house. These circuits are set up based
on the device and the amount of current.
The circuits are normally numbered on a
set of plans. There can be more than
one device on a circuit, depending on
the device. A lighting circuit might have
as many as six lights in different rooms
on one circuit. The circuit might be made
up, as the example shows, with different
devices such as bathroom fan, light, and
ceiling fan.
Receptacles are normally on
separate circuits than lights and other
devices. These circuits will also be noted
when complete on the inside of the
circuit panel door in the house.
Two Gang Switch
Hall Light
Exhaust Fan
Wall Receptacle
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Smoke Detector
Ceiling Fan
GFCI Receptacle
Ceiling Exhaust Fan
Switched Receptacle
Dedicated Circuit
Three Way Switch