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House Framing Roof Decking

Roof decking, if installed poorly, can affect the overall
appearance and possibility the structure of the house. It is a
normal practice to use plywood clips or
"H" clips between the
rafters when installing roof decking. These clips provide support
for the plywood and prevent sagging in the roof. Also depending
on where the house is located, different nailing patterns should
be used. In high wind areas roof decking might require nails 3
inch on center around the edges and 6 inch on center in the rest
of the sheet. Other areas might not be as strict. The thickness of
the roof plywood is very important also in the structure of the
house. The thickness of the roof decking or plywood naturally will
increase as the weight of the roof shingles increase such as from
asphalt to clay tile shingles. As in most stages of house
construction, the roof decking is a very important aspect of the
construction process.