Sample Project Schedule

Construction Project Schedule

Sample Project Schedule
Homebuilder Scheduling Software
Sample Project Schedule
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Homebuilder Scheduling is a dynamic user friendly Construction Scheduling Software program. This
program was designed for the one time owner builder or residential contractor. It generates all the
important time lines and dates for a schedule without the high cost of the major scheduling software
programs. Homebuilder Scheduler is a flexible construction application which is only limited by the
imagination and ability of the user.

Homebuilding Scheduling Software allows you to:

1. Input all important general project information

2. Create 5 divisions with 5 phases per division. These divisions could possibility be 5 project
locations or project stages such as roads or landscaping.  Each phase could be five individual
homes or specific phases pertaining to a division.

3. Create custom templates for construction tasks

4. Select the number of days in a work week

5. Enter all subcontractor information with contract amounts

6. Enter estimated material and labor costs.

7. Select number of days to complete each task

8. Scheduling software will generate up to date schedule from the information

9. Enter percentage of completion and software will update financial sheets automatically

10. Print clear and accurate schedules and financial sheets