Types of Insulation

Different Types of Insulation

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Insulation Types
The choice of house insulation depends on energy efficiency
required and insulation budget. Common types of insulation
are batt insulation and blown in insulation. Batt insulation can
be made of fiberglass or a rock wool material. Blown insulation
is normally a cellulose or fiberglass material.

House Insulation Batts are precut fiberglass or rock wool
insulation. These batts can either be faced or unfaced. Faced
batts have paper or foil on one side of the batt. Normally faced
batts are used in the exterior walls and unfaced in the interior
walls. The batts can be used for insulation, sound proofing
and as a fire barrier.

Blown Insulation is a process in which loose insulation is blown
into the attic instead of using batts to produce a insulation
blanket. Blown insulation is normally a cellulose, fiberglass, or
rock wool material. Cellulose insulation is a form of blown in
insulation. This insulation is normally blown in loose. Another
process adds a liquid adhesive and is blown in wet. The
insulation has to be allowed to dry before covering with drywall.

There are also some specialty types of insulation such as
foam and an adhesive type cellulose product. These products
are sprayed on and provide an air tight application.
Types of Insulation
Types of Insulation,
Faced Insulation
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