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Although you may not use a computer on a regular basis, and the only spreadsheet you use is the one on your bed,
don't stop reading this until you have thought about the huge amount of time you might spend on estimating
construction costs.

Back when computers weren't as popular as they are today, finding an estimate for equipment or a job usually took
an hour each time you had to look up the price in a book.  And the costs associated with getting the new edition of
that book every year made the whole process almost not worth the time and money put into it.  

With construction estimation software, your time is reduced to how long it takes to turn on your computer, and click
your mouse about 5 or 6 times.  And the amount of information that is at your fingertips far out distances as much as
a whole library of estimation books.

Some of the quick and easy tools that come in a construction estimation software package include:
Up to date material prices.  The material prices in construction estimation software are updated frequently.
Man-hours and crew rates.  All work estimates include a recommended crew and a typical rate per man-hour for

Calculators.  Save yourself even more time and use the calculators to figure out quantities for bearing walls, joists
systems, concrete walls and more.  
Job Cost Wizard – turns estimates and proposals into documents and exports both to the printer.

The other areas of the software include permits, fees, set-up, demolition, rubbish removal, and renovation.
It's amazing how many multimillion dollar companies are still using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets, or small
companies using ridiculously complicated programs they struggle to learn and are too sophisticated for them.  Your
life will become much less complicated, you will save paper, and your time spent on estimating even large jobs will
be slashed down to a minimum.

To sum up, time and money are two important considerations for any industry, job, or company.  What you want is a
balance between quality estimates, fairly inexpensive labor, and quality work.  While the only thing that construction
estimation software can really do for you is provide quick and accurate estimates, the other two areas will fall into
place as you spend less time estimating and more time running your business and finishing jobs.  
Benefits of Construction Estimating Software