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  • Dry Core Drill Bits
  • When drilling holes through masonry walls (brick, block, stucco) dry core bits offer a tremendous advantage
    over carbide bits. It has been my experience over the years on numerous jobs sites to witness contractors
    employing a variety of tactics when penetrating masonry walls.
  • Select Construction Software
  • When you first investigate computer based estimating software, you will find that there are many software
    vendors selling solutions which range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars.  In fact some
    estimating software packages can cost upwards of 15-20 thousand dollars and in some cases, as high as
    $100,000.  That is quite a range of price.
  • Benefits Construction Software
  • Although you may not use a computer on a regular basis, and the only spreadsheet you use is the one on
    your bed, don't stop reading this until you have thought about the huge amount of time you might spend on
    estimating construction costs.
     but there are a few that get used often in the building process.